My name is MaLo. I am an abstract artist and a lighting designer.

On the following pages you find a selection of my artworks which all are made with acrylic colors. I also use different structure pastes to create a certain depth as well as a various hand-made papers that are mixed into my works.

I started as an autodidact when I was 20 years old.  My inspirations I get in the nature or in my work as lighting designer. 

My thoughts are colorful, sometimes crazy and confusing. They create my works. There’s never a plan or a sketch, it’s just happens.

With the help of painting I found another level of creativity, which is a perfect balance in my life.

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Take your time and look closely, then you’ll discover a lot of little details.

This is what makes my work.


Designing a kids room

A little boy was getting a new kids room. His dream was a colorful flower meadow.

Implementation took a week. Wood was attached, screwed and painted in green and orange. 

I was looking for artificial flowers, moss and other decorative materials.  

I ordered all the materials. They were glued and tagged. In the end, RGB LED strips were added, floor laminate laid and the room was admitted.

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